About me

All my life I had two dreams and two dreams only.

China and writing.


Although these two goals are as far apart as only stars in distant galaxies can be, they were close to me more often than not. Sometimes they stood in each other’s way, and sometimes I stood in their way. But from a practical point of view, I kinda accomplished both already, with different degrees of success.

About China

I live in Beijing since 2010. By now, I speak the language fairly well and I feel at home in this country. I believe I am getting to understand this country in its broader strokes. However, I have never fooled myself to think one lifetime is enough to understand China as a whole. In the end, it takes much more than that to comprehend this land and its past, and I ain’t no Marco Polo.

About writing

I have written many articles, columns, blog  and forum posts, short stories, exercise books and presentations in my life. By the tons.

And about creative writing, I am working on one podcast and two novels which I hope to publish some day. But perhaps both works will just become practice until I am good enough at this. Until I write stuff that can actually be published. Here, too, I have never fooled myself to think I can pen out one big, bad, breakout novel and hit the jackpot with it. Therefore, I believe it takes much more than that to comprehend writing, and I ain’t no Dante Alighieri.


Both my current works are historical fiction, which is by far my favorite genre.

My novels

Blue Lotus is set in the year 193 AD, a year now known as the “year of the five emperors.”

With ancient Egypt, as part of the Roman empire, being the backdrop of the story, Blue Lotus narrates the life of Nadea, an imperial escort of a rare beauty whose heart is torn between the two men in her life. Romulus, a freed gladiator turned Christian, and Vitorius, an army general and conqueror whose main quest in life is to find and kill followers of Jesus.

Where Winds Learn to Fly is a story set in 1943, and begins on the day Italy turned against Nazi Germany, accelerating events that would lead to the end of WWII.

The novel depicts a tiny village in the remoteness of the Argentine Patagonia, and how two immigrants escaping Europe’s misery—a German farmer and an Italian butcher, turn the lives of the villagers upside down. This is complicated by an American visitor whose mission is to impede Nazis finding safe haven in Argentina. Meanwhile, his Chinese wife tries to find out about her own relatives—disappeared generations earlier.

This novel should some day become part of the Winds series.

That is, if I happen to have the chops.

PS: I started podcasting in 2017.

Abel A. Kay

About Abel A. Kay

About Abel A. Kay: This is simply a page to direct you to these pages:


About me, the places I lived, and how I came to choose writing, and more recently, podcasting. Also, this page offers an unpublished (quasi-hidden) link to why I love China. 


About changes in my life, and how they reflect in my writing, and creative writing in general. This page is unfinished, and -just like a post page, will be edited as time progresses.

Writing tips

Tips for writing, cool thoughts and inspirational tidbits that help me when I’m stuck, or when I’m having writer’s block.

About Abel A. Kay

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