I was born in West Germany, in a time when Germans were still dealing with the loss of WWII.

Being born to foreigners living and working in Germany (but not really adapting to the German way of life), I quickly learned what it meant to be an Ausländer in school. On the other hand, Soviet Union being so near to Western Europe made many Germans (and immigrants living in Germany) leave Europe in the 60s and 70s. In 1976 we moved to Argentina, South America’s second largest country.

The change could not have been bigger in my life. Christmas in Germany was snow-covered and filled with carols and warm, cozy fireplaces. Christmas in Argentina was a summer thing; heat and sweat and rolling dust everywhere. We went from a Lego-like city in southern Germany to a Mad Max-type farm in the remoteness of the Argentine Pampa. From Stuttgart’s picturesque autumns to Argentina’s notorious rolling tormentas.

I learned Spanish quickly in Argentina and I finished high school in a small village between our farm and Córdoba, the country’s second largest city. Not long after the 1982 war between Argentina and Great Britain, I went on to live in Buenos Aires where I began studies in journalism and creative writing.

A few years later I moved again. I returned to the northern hemisphere, and settled in Miami, Florida. It was the early Clinton years.

In the Sunshine State I pursued a new career; it was the dot-com boom years and Information Science seemed the right thing to go for. I lived in Miami for almost two full decades. I wrote articles and a few columns for the Miami Herald. I also began to learn Mandarin Chinese in a more serious way.

In 2010 I moved to China. To some who knew me, this came as no surprise. I developed a strong interest for China and all things Chinese my whole life, and so the move just made sense. To others who knew me less, this was just another one of my soul-searching walkabouts.

I live in Beijing ever since. I began writing novels in August 2014.

Blue Lotus is nothing more (and nothing less) than a compilation of me and my nomadic life, and a story of people who struggle to find themselves, both in relation to God and with other people that surround them. It is a dramatic spelling of the things I see wrong in this world; a cry for justice. I won the NaNoWriMo writing contest in 2014 with Blue Lotus.

Argentina, 1978

If you have reached this part of the page, chances are you want to better understand why I love, loathe and live in this country. If so, please consider reading China, my bliss and my curse.

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