Podcaster’s Coach

Podcaster’s Coach

Alexander Laurin interviews me

I was recently interviewed by Alexander Laurin, from Podcaster’s Coach as we were all excited to be working on the International Podcast Day show. Both Alexander and I were speakers at the #InternationalPodcastDay show, which was last September 30th (and every year on September 30th – hint, hint, mark your calendars!) and turned out to be an awesome festival with more than 13 countries and 50 speakers involved.

So, here is the interview Alexander Laurin so cordially invited me to, take a listen.

I want to thank Alexander Laurin, and let you all guys know that I am looking forward to more of this. More interviews, more festival, more fun, and more podcasts!

Thank you all!

Podcast Plan 2017

RED color / Color ROJO: Episode number / Número de episodio

Some months have five Sundays. That’s five episodes.
Some months have four. Well… that’s four episodes.
By 2018 we’ll have 41 episodes on the air.

Algunos meses tienen cinco domingos. Cinco episodios.
Algunos meses tienen cuatro domingos. Pues… cuatro episodios.
Para el 2018 ya tendremos 41 episodios al aire.

SOTU = State of the Union episodes / Episodios de El Estado de la Unión
BIO = Biography episodes / Episodios de biografías.

August 22 BIO: Virgil and Livy / Virgilio y Tito Livio.

My podcast is nearing publishing

El cuento de Roma - Podcast

Soon I will be releasing the first few episodes of my podcast, “El Cuento de Roma.”

It is a podcast about the tale of Ancient Rome, and I am very excited to mix the things I know for quite a long time (creative writing, history, internet technology in general, and design) with things I had to learn to make this thing happen, such as podcasting, Audacity, ID3 tags and MP3 files, among others.

Please visit my upcoming podcast, and once you see the subscribe button there (meaning it’s live), please subscribe!