Cinco cosas…

Why this Podcast?

Podcasting encompasses the things I love. History. Storytelling. Creative writing. Designing and art. Of course, there is more to it than just these five items, but for that you can read my bio from the menu above.

I want to quickly summarize the things I had to learn, and the things that I kinda’ knew, when I decided to start this podcast.

Five Things I had to Learn in order to Podcast

#1 – Audacity

Learning Audacity was fun. Its learning curb, from the very beginning started easy, and went steeper as I went on. Nevertheless, I came to love Audacity.

#2 – Talking into a Microphone

This was probably the hardest part of all my learning experiences. I always considered my voice to be horribly low and unappealing. But, we’ll see what that looks like, after I have some 100+ episodes done.

#3 – WordPress SEO

SEO has changed in the last eight years, more than humans have changed in the last 5 million years. Thinking that SEO was equal to putting good meta tags and keywords in the header section was my major mistake. Learned, and loved it!

#4 – WordPress Blubrry (MP3 File Hosting)

Technical stuff. I love technical stuff, albeit it was hard at the very beginning, partly due to my lack of MP3 files knowledge. ID tags are awesome, and they rule!

#5 – iTunes Rules and Regulations

This was the most nerve racking part of thee whole process. Waiting for my podcast to get approved seemed like an unreal experience. However, preparing for it was a lot of fun.

Five Things that came in handy when I decided to Podcast

#1 – Graphic Design and Logo Creation

Easy, but that’s just me. Since early on, I was good at it. However, building the right sizes, formats and such, was also tricky at times. Especially, when I had to create the banner for the YouTube channel!

#2 – Solid Knowledge of IT, UI and Web Management

My solid IT background helped here a lot. In fact, I began learning IT when nobody even knew what IT stood for. Today, that’s different. Nevertheless, I keep saying that this is a career that never stops changing!

#3 – Good Drawing Skills

I drew since I was three. And I used this skill more often than not, to get me out of hot waters, during my life. Once, I even paid an airplane flight by drawing the faces of the pilots and the entire team of flight attendants! But, that was back in the 80s, when everything was just simpler.

#4 – Love for History, Maps and Languages

Could I love history more? No, and the proof is this podcast. The same goes for maps, languages, and social aspects of humans everywhere.

#5 – Creative Writing

For that, please read my short biography on this page, and on this other website of mine .


Abel A Kay