The Winds Series


The Winds series will consist of three books, set in different times. The series will describe the lives of a group of families living in the extreme remoteness of southern Argentina.

Chronologically speaking, the trilogy will encompass the years 1899, 1943 and 1976. But I am writing the second book first. If all goes well I will write the first book (set in 1899) afterwards, and the third book (set between 1976 and 1982) last.

Readers who have read the first book (set in 1943) will encounter the protagonist’s parents and grandparents in the second book, and get a glimpse on how the first book’s characters actually became what they are.

The third and last book will be more of a hidden autobiography, with one single family moving to the village, one of their sons being me.


The first book, “Where Winds are Born” will be set in 1899 and it is the tale of five families who decide to settle in a land that has recently been taken away from Indian tribes, during the Conquista del Desierto.

Where Winds Learn to Fly, the second book of the trilogy, is currently in its first draft. I am toying with timelines, characters and events, and playing god with the lives of some twenty families, together with their ancestors and descendants.

It is fun for now; it surely will become the mother of all challenges.

The third book, “On the other side of the Winds” tells the story of one single family that moved to the same region from 1976 to 1982. This timeline is particularly interesting as it covers the Dirty War years.

Thousands of citizen (and some foreigners too) were brutally silenced during those years, even dumped in lakes at times.

The story goes all the way up to the Falkland War with the UK. The government’s desperate attempt to remain in power, by using nationalist feelings of the masses against the UK and by trying to recover sovereignty over what they call the Islas Malvinas, creates an entire generation of displaced, disoriented and disenfranchised souls who -for the first time in the country’s history, find nothing worth staying for in their own vast land.

Where Winds Learn to Fly

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